Activity Information

My tea shop is located in a historic antique shopping center.

You will enjoy the beautiful space of my teashop. You will be able to choose 1 Premium tea from the menu, and I will lead you through a guided tasting of them. The tasting is done in the traditional Chinese kung-fu style, with multiple short steps.

Afterward, there will be small sweets, and you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and will have learned a little more about China's deep culture of tea.

Gong Fu tea tasting is the perfect way to share, learn, and celebrate the exquisite world of tea! Choose from our selection of teas, and we will specifically curate the perfect complementary teaware. Your tea will then be skillfully served in the traditional Chinese art of brewing tea by our tea master, Olivia. Through Gong Fu, you’ll notice the delicate changes of the tea in 5-6 steeps, adding new dimensions in every sip.

In the end, we will have a sample of superior tea as a gift for you.

Activity Information