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Have you ever wanted to de-stress and get a visual representation of your emotions when seeing the best art at a museum?

Well, you will be able to do that in this one-of-a-kind museum visit.

Join me on a museum visit to MoMA, where I'll guide you in becoming mindful of your emotions and how each work of art that you see makes you feel by sketching it out on your very own work of art.

We will start by de-stressing. Will identify what your stress/negativity feels like in the middle of your artwork.

Then will question what your stress/negativity looks like. You will be using specific line qualities for your artwork based on the emotions you chose. Does it have a certain shape, texture? This may be what your inner emotions look like but there is a much larger external experience that may have a positive effect.

Like the art you see! Will then divide your artwork into at least 8 spaces.

You will use the color therapy instructions to identify which colors to use based on how each art makes you feel and the line quality instructions based on the emotions you chose that identify your stress/negativity.

Activity Information