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What are we going to do on our West Village Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour?!

We'll be sampling a variety of delicious foods from the best specialty food stores and ethnic eateries along the quaint tree-lined streets and architecture of the West Village.

I'll divulge tidbits of information only locals know as we walk hidden streets in the West Village, where we may be the only people on the street-a rarity!

We'll also check out the apartment building where Monica from Friends lived and learn about the hangouts of the Beat Generation and Bob Dylan. And of course, we'll taste the best bagel, pizza, and cupcakes in the city without waiting in any lines.

As a self-proclaimed 'expert foodie' I've done extensive and delicious research to offer you the ultimate Best-of Food Tour.

The tastes, traditions, and old-world class of these landmark establishments are a true New York experience. It's no coincidence these foods can all be found in the historic and savory West Village.

Don’t fall for the culinary tourist traps when you’re in NYC! Join me for an irresistible NY Food Tour in the cultural hotspot of the West Village.

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