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Regardless of where you are from in the world, you’ve undoubtedly been influenced by the richness of hip-hop culture in some way, shape, or form.

During this experience, you’ll get the chance to reminisce and learn during a rare, immersive guided adventure. Ride through Harlem and travel through the Boogie Down Bronx experiencing classic backdrops with real-time narratives from iconic, charismatic hip hop pioneers.

Plus, how many tours guides you know get spotted and shouted out on the streets?

We’ll take you from Midtown Manhattan to the site of the first-ever hip hop party, plus secret battle sites, historic clubs, and famous music video and movie locations. Travel with us through the NYC streets and check out some of hip hop’s most important landmarks, like:

  • Graffiti Wall of Fame
  • “Harlem World”
  • The Apollo Theater
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Key locations from Netflix’s “The Get Down”
  • Famous Murals Dedicated to Legends like Big L, Kool Herc, and More

We’ll give you ample time to step off the bus, so you can take selfies in front of iconic street murals. Plus, you’ll get the chance to interact with our celebrity guides and take an exclusive group photo of the whole tour crew… because this experience will go down in the memory books!

You’ll be transported back to the early days of hip hop with exciting, first-person stories and classic soundtracks, giving you insight into the history and growth of this unparalleled art form. In fact, Baz Luhrmann, creator of “The Get Down” credits our famed Bus & Walking Tour for helping him develop the series.

You’ll get the chance to watch a real b-boy and b-girl dance session…and you can’t leave without participating in our internationally renowned “Dance Cypher” where you can show us your freshest moves.

Activity Information