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Join us for a private Virtual street art tour of NYC!

Discover over 50 multicolored murals in this ephemeral outdoor museum right from your computer screen.

The massive warehouses of New York City provide a perfect canvas for this diverse array of vibrant masterpieces, which include works by Mad Villian, Jeff Henriquez, Space Invader and much more.

Who better to guide you around the neighborhood than local street artists themselves? Our tour guides have an intimate knowledge of the street art and graffiti world, and they may even show you some of their own art during the journey.

Our knowledgeable tour guides lead you through a diverse array of artwork and describe the backstory behind and techniques used in the creation of these awe-inspiring pieces.

Get an insider look at some of the most talked-about artwork in New York City!

After the tour, you will have a comprehensive workshop. YOu will create your own graffiti art project with the help of an authentic NYC graffiti artist in a unique hands-on workshop. Learn how to draw graffiti art, from fill-ins to masterpieces in this virtual graffiti art lesson. Enjoy personalized instruction for you and your group and use the full KIT with all necessary equipment. The KIT includes: Paper, Pencil, Markers, Colored Sharpies, White-out, Black Sharpie, Canvas

Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is designed for people of all ages and talent levels.

Activity Information