Activity Information

Get your team together for an amazing hour of fun, interactivity, and creativeness. Picture This Virtual is an interactive competitive game of word guessing, puzzle-solving, drawing, miming, singing, acting, and scavenger hunting, all wrapped into one Zoom-based competitive experience.

Imagine Pictionary, Charades, and Game of Clue all combined into one artistic adventure.

Participants have to illustrate a secret word by the use of paint, markers, clay, charcoal, pencils, random objects, body movement, and theatrical improvisation in order to have their team guess the word. The more words your team guesses, the more clues they will get to solve the final puzzle. At the end, anyone can win, but what matters is the team bonding skills that are developed through this fun, memorable experience.

Your teams will use their wit to solve all kinds of fun art-related puzzles. You will compete for letters that in the end, will be used to solve a Wheel of Fortune type puzzle!

Our hosts will guide you through the entire experience. All you have to do is log in and prepare for big fun!

Activity Information