Activity Information

Take part in the first-ever virtual movie-making experience.

Create and act out a 3 to a 5-minute virtual movie with your colleagues or friends without leaving your home!

You heard right! Using the Zoom platform, your team will get to conceptualize, script, and act out a scene based on a famous movie. You will also get to design a costume with random objects you have laying around your closet.

It’s like a miniature scavenger hunt!

You will be split into two or three teams, depending on the size of your group. Each team will be in their own studio putting their masterpiece together.

Once the steps above are completed, and after a brief rehearsal, of course, teams will act their scenes for each other. The opposite teams will get to guess what popular movie their scene is based on. But we’re not done there, oh no, no, no. After all, teams perform their scene, we move on to the Oscars portion of the experience. The Director and co-directors will select the best of each category such as the best female actor. The fun never stops!

Activity Information